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An Open Letter

Hi, Mr/Ms Opportunity Seeker.

I’m betting you found this web site because you’re looking for a way to make money online.

And that is good; you can make money online. Many ways. You can also lose big time if you don’t know what you’re doing.

What is not so good is that you may be afraid that whatever you choose, you will be scammed. And I can relate to that fear.

So that leaves me with just two options. And If the chips fall wrong, both of us could end up losers.

One: I can post a link to the program I use successfully, hoping you’ll be trusting enough to click and check it out. But then, when you do, you’ll see that you can’t learn much without signing up. And even though it’s free to sign up, you’ll still be afraid you may be scammed. So you click away and we’ve both lost an opportunity. You will never know what you may have gained access to. Never know whether it was a legitimate deal and held huge possibilities of making money.

I, on the other hand, lost someone who could have been a hard worker and done well with the program after being trained.

Two: I can ask you to contact me first. Give me a chance to answer your questions. Learn if we can possibly form a working relationship. You won’t lose anything by providing just your first name and valid email address. We can, through email, learn something about each other, and you can obtain more information about the program. Only then would I expect you to make your informed yea or nay decision.

My choice is to ask you to contact me first, and let’s talk. You have nothing to lose. The information I can and will provide may help you make a choice. And if you choose to turn this opportunity down afterwards, I’ll understand. No resentment. No hard feelings. We’ll simply go our separate ways into our own futures.

Please use Contact Me form to email me. Your information will be kept private.

Thank you.

Delmage Taylor